Ambient Ocean

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Morning surfs here are awesome… Or anywhere for that matter. Waking up at dark, heading to the beach early, and seeing green water barrels right off the sand is the best feeling in surfing ever. Super glassy morning with just a few friends, followed by an afternoon of much the same…

Here’s another installment of what surfing along Cape Hatteras is all about.

Wind Driven

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When the storms come from the SouthWest, and the Winds howl for hours on end, and the rain pours down nonstop, we are greeted afterwards with reeling Righthand barrels. Take a look inside the belly of a Southswell on Cape Hatteras, and see what a typical day full of barrels is like around here.

From the moody morning session to the beautiful evening session… this is what living here is all about.  I tried to make this edit tell a story a little bit.  And hopefully it comes across that way…  Now click PLAY (if you haven’t already) and enjoy.

Soloshot2 Coming Soon

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New features include real vertical tracking, a camera controller accessory dock for automatic zoom tracking and start/stop recording, a smaller lighter transmitter, compatibility with 3rd party professional tripods and the ability to network multiple SOLOSHOT2 transmitters and bases together.


If you don’t know who Jesus is… or What it means to have a relationship with God and his Son… then I hope this movie can help you understand.

God loves us… He loves YOU…  And I know sometimes that seems odd, since we are nothing and he is everything, why would he love us?  But i’ll ask you this, if any loving father on earth will take care of his children with love and ask for nothing in return, but love, how much more will God take care of us?  It’s the same type relationship, but on a greater scale.  You don’t always understand how much your parents love you, or why they do the things they do to bless you, and that’s exactly why it is even harder to grasp Gods love for us.  His love is much greater, enough to sacrifice His son Jesus so that we could have union with Him, a union that had been separated by sin… All he wants of us in return, is to Love him back, with all our heart, and thanks be to Jesus, We can.

So on this Christmas day, I ask you to look deep into your hearts…  And if God isn’t an important part of your life already, think about that purpose in life you’ve been searching for.  If you haven’t figured it out, it’s because our main purpose on this earth is to Love our God, and you won’t find answers anywhere else.  That’s why people get lost looking for their purpose in life, because it isn’t of this world, you aren’t going to find it here, but in yourself.  So open up your heart… because Jesus is right there waiting for you to give it to Him.  And he will bless you eternally in return…. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Birthday Fishing

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I decided to spend my Birthday hunting down some Puppy Drum on light tackle in the surf. I checked out a few spots, but nothing was looking too promising, until I made it out to Cape Point. Once there, I decided to make a few casts and was hooked up in no time. Caught a couple, then went home to grab my wife and son, and my GoPro so I could document the afternoon.

They were so dang Thick, it was ridiculous. Multiple double headers between my cousin, friends, and I; as well as a few triple headers, and one time 5 of us were bowed up at once! It was the most fun afternoon beach fishing I’ve ever had. My cousin and I stayed until it was pitch black, along with some friends and other fellow anglers, just pulling pups in left and right. A few times, you couldn’t even get the slack out of your line, after casting, before you were hooked up!

Glad I had decided to go get my GoPro, because it was an afternoon to remember. And the sunset to cap off my birthday, fishing with my friends and family, was just icing on the cake.
I’m using a Diawa 2500 reel, 6’6″ Shimano rod, and 8lb mono… Makes fighting some 21”-24” Red Drum really fun.

“Purpose” – Dec. 25 Online Premiere

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I’m really excited for the online premiere of “Purpose” on Dec. 25… I’m thankful to be a part of such an incredible film, that really shows what living for Jesus is all about, and what it means. So often people don’t understand what it truly means to have a RELATIONSHIP with God and Christ. They confuse that with the poor, and distorted, example that “Religion” has provided of what God has intended for our lives. This movie helps shed light on what it really means to know Jesus, and to follow Him with your heart…

I’ll have the video loaded on here starting Christmas morning… And I encourage you to come back and give it a watch as soon as you get the chance. Or, go download the film yourself, so you have it at your fingertips for viewing whenever.

The film “PURPOSE” was produced by the Ride Nature organization in a collaborative effort with Walking on Water, Nations Foundation, Skate Bible, and This IZ My Story, to bring the truth of Jesus Christ to the world through action sports outreach and evangelism.

Featuring footage, testimonies, and scripture shared by 33 Christian athletes from the surf, skate, wake, and snow industries, along with the support of renowned author and speaker, Francis Chan, this film is one that was truly created to “Impact the world through action sports!”

To learn more about the Ride Nature organization and the long-term vision behind this film visit or

Lighthouse Views

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The Lighthouse is my favorite wave out of anywhere I’ve ever surfed… That mostly has to do with the fact that I grew up surfing there, but also because it’s such a good barrel, even if the wind isn’t offshore. So when I pull in the parking lot there, and see head-overhead draining lefts… it’s the most excited I’ll ever get checking the surf.

Here’s one day at the Lighthouse, when the wind wasn’t straight offshore. I’d never used a GoPro in the surf before this day, and can’t wait to give a go again. I also can’t wait to take it into some thick ones, on a day when the offshore winds have the surf groomed perfectly.

It’s that time of the year… so that day should be just around the corner. Until then, enjoy my first stab at a GoPro edit.

On The Sand

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(Before i start… sorry for the weird “warps” in the video.  I had tried a new Image Stabilizer setting on my camera this day, and obviously it didn’t work too well.  That is the reason it looks as though I used YouTubes image stabilization… but to be clear, I did not.)

There’s something about finding a wave that breaks right on the beach, that seems so much better than finding any other type of sandbar… Maybe it’s just because it’s different. Maybe it’s that if you don’t kick out soon enough, you’ll lose your fins; so there’s a sort of risk. Maybe it has to do with the fact that normally they aren’t as crowded as other sandbars, because many surfers think it’s too close in to surf. Shoot, maybe it’s because we’re lazy, and a wave breaking that close in means not much paddling. I don’t know what it is exactly that makes shorebreak waves so fun… but whenever we get a setup right on the beach, we take advantage of every ounce of it.

On what would have just been your average chest high day anywhere else… this little jut in the sand was making some square little tubes, ending in just a few inches of water. And for the size it was… it doesn’t get any more fun than this.

Shot entirely with Soloshot…  Get yours now for just $299

A Day of Fishing

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I borrowed my friends GoPro to document my fishing adventures the other day.

I Spent the morning catching 4 Puppy Drum, 5 (small)Speckled Trout, and 6 Flounder from the beach. I only put one catch of each species in the video, but it was a great morning for fishing. I left the beach with 1Drum, 3Flounder, & 1Speck… So the cooler was stocked and it was time to find something big.

So I packed up and headed to Teach’s Lair Marina to launch my JetSki. I headed 5miles offshore to try and catch some King Mackerel. There were a bunch of boats in the area, so I knew I was in the right spot. I managed 3 bites while floating dead bait, but lost them all unfortunately. The last King was pretty good sized, and skyed on my bait before coming back and crashing it. So that was rad to see even though I lost the fish.

It was about the best conditions ever for fishing, so I was stoked I got to take advantage of it. Even though I came in on the ski empty handed, being out there when it’s that calm was good enough for me.

Hope you enjoy the edit… I’ve never edited a fishing video before, so I had a blast going though this footage. I need to get my own GoPro so I can take it fishing more often.

Music : Josh Garrels – “Beyond the Blue” (album: Love & War & The Sea In Between)

One 3.5hour session

Shared this 3.5hrs with only my cousin out…  Waves weren’t epic, but about as fun as waist-chest high can get, especially when it wasn’t suppose to be very good.  Days like this are why I love living where I do.  And thanks to my SOLOSHOT … I was able to capture this random fun day on film.

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Dylan Graves, Dylan Goodale, & Michael Dunphy headed here to Hatteras for a couple little swells….  It was far from spectacular, but plenty of fun.  SURFING Magazines #stormtroopers have been struggling for waves, so at least they got to surf when the got here.

Finally Fall

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Summer dragged on for far too long… And even though there haven’t been any big Low Pressure systems or Hurricanes to kick off the season, there has finally been some fun surf in Cape Hatteras.  Here’s a video from 2 sessions, during one day of waves.  And with the waves, I’d like to say, “Hello Dear Fall”.

Azores ScorING

Back in February I was invited to go to the Azores with Oliver Kurtz and Alex Smith for an article for SurfING Magazine.  We didn’t find a ton of epic waves, but we found some fun sandbars and on our last evening, were blessed with 12-15ft offshore A-frames…. Success.

Check out the September issue of SurfING for an article on our Atlantic Island Adventures. And Check out the Video below by Plus M Productions for a motion picture look at the trip…